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Regent Electrical

    Regent Electrical have decided to move to Fegime UK as from the first of November 2019. Alan Reynolds the CEO of Fegime said “this is another great addition to the group, Regent are a long established business and well regarded within the industry. When Regent approached us about joining they were really interested in the added value Fegime could bring them. 

    With the support of a 5.4bn euro group across Europe and Argentina it was clear Fegime had so much more to offer. Digitalisation, European Commercial Agreements, training modules provided for the Future leaders in our industry are all values that Fegime can bring to its members. 

    Since joining in 2014 i have looked at just how much we can offer both Suppliers and Members and sometimes it is easy to overlook just what is available.

    We have some really strong members and after their first general meeting the owners from Regent were so impressed how closely the Fegime members work together. They found them really friendly and helpful. 

    Fegime is about everyone, not just one or two, in Europe they call it the Fegime “family” and i guess in a way the UK has evolved to be like that as well. When looking at new members they have to be able to fit in to the way we work and the success we have had shows it is the right way, everyone gets on, we are a close team”.

    Asked if there were any more new members in the pipeline Alan said “who knows, we do not go out actively approaching people, i think the word of mouth of how the group has changed since taking over from my predecessor has meant we have had more potential members than ever want to talk to us”.