FEGIME CEO Leads the EDA Lighting Training

Posted: Friday, 31st August 2018

With a life time of experience in the Electrical Industry covering Installation, Wholesaling and Manufacturing Alan Reynolds the CEO of FEGIME UK proudly displays the latest training module to be produced by the EDA. 

Alan has strongly supported the EDA with their drive for training, apprenticeships and the need to offer a Career Path for Staff.

Failure to do so will mean quality staff will leave the industry for other prospects. The demand to attract the best candidates into businesses is now a major factor for companies and more so retaining the ones who can offer real value and go on to "grow" into bigger and more varied roles. 

Lighting is a fantastic opportunity for people to develop their career, with the EDA modules a candidate can start on the Introduction to Lighting and later a second Training Module will be launched covering Advanced Lighting and Controls. Those candidates who have a real desire to further their career in Lighting can then of course go on to become a qualified Lighting Designer following the courses offered by the LIA. 

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